TETRATOPS™ are the world's first tops with multiple axes of spin !

Tops have fascinated humans since they were first discovered. No one knows when or where they were first spun, but they have been found in nearly every culture on Earth.

The variety of designs is endless, however there is one remarkable similarity to all of them.

Traditional tops all have onlyONE axis of spin !


Unlike traditional tops, TETRATOPS™ all have multiple axes of spin !

Traditional tops can spin on a single point, but TETRATOPS™ can spin on any of their spheres.

The tetrahedron has 4 spheres and 4 axes of spin.


4 axes


3 axes

The octahedron has 6 spheres but only 3 axes of spin. They outline the axes of the XYZ coordinate system.

The icosahedron has 12 spheres and 6 axes of spin. There are two spheres on each axis.


6 axes


6 axes

The cuboctahedron also has 6 axes, even though it has one more sphere. This is because the additional sphere is in the center and all of the axes run through it.

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