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The Buckminster Fuller Institute - Learn more about Bucky Fuller, the inventor of Geodesic Domes, the Dymaxion House, the Dymaxion Car, the Dymaxion Bathroom and the Dymaxion Map, just to name a few.

Bucky spent his life exploring the designs of nature and through his explorations discovered, catalogued, expounded upon and utilized the Synergetic Principles of our Universe.

Bucky was committed to utilizing the Synergetic Principles of Universe to help Humanity become a success on "Spaceship Earth".

TETRATOPS™ model what Bucky called "the primary structural systems of Universe."



Synergetics on the Web - an excellent site to find out more about the shapes and synergetic concepts explored by Buckminster Fuller.


SYNERGETICS - The entire text of Bucky's most comprehensive written work SYNERGETICS (1 &2). An incredible web resource complete with an excellent search function, as well as good scans of all of the images.

Highly recommended reading for those interested in learning more (a lot more) about the structures TETRATOPS™ model.


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The Dymaxion Map

Bucky receive the first U.S. Patent in cartography for the development of the most accurate map of our planet.

Based on the icosahedron, the Fuller Projection avoids the terrible distortion of the Mercator Projection, the most common map in classrooms around the world, which makes Greenland appear to be as large as Africa.

This site has a great animation of a globe unfolding into the Dymaxion Map



Highly recommended for advanced study.

Mathematica, the most popular and complete advanced mathematics computer program, has a very extensive site. This link will take you to the Platonic Solids index page, where you can find out about all the TETRATOP shapes. Explore the polyhedra page to learn about many more interesting shapes and the math used to describe them.

This site features 3D Live animated graphics generated by the program that you can spin.


Alexander Graham Bell and Tetrahedrons

Alexander Graham Bell was fascinated by tetrahedrons and their structural properties. His interest in flight lead him to build many different tetrathedral kites and a tall tetrahedral tower.



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